Are very common problem. Nearly 50% of the population suffers from piles sometime in their life.
They are common in young adults and more common in ladies

Piles are blood filled tissue in the back passage.


In early stages (Ist degree), they present with bleeding noticed as a splash on the pan, after opening bowels. It is usually painless and intermittent. These piles cannot be felt from outside.

Can be easily controlled by making sure you do not get constipated and make the stools soft by increasing fibres, fruit, vegetables in diet and drinking lots of liquids

As the disease progresses, the pile mass can protrude through the back passage with bowel movements, but returns back at the end (2nd degree piles)

In 3rd degree the pile mass needs to be pushes back with a finger, but then stays till the next bowel movement.

As the problem progresses, the piles stay out all the time (4th degree or Interno-external piles)