Hernia Repair - Inguinal, Umbilical, Epigastric

Hernia Repair Treatment


A swelling in the groin usually appears when the child cries, strains at stools or laughs

The swelling can be present at birth

The parents may notice that there is no swelling in the morning, but starts to appear through the day, being large by the end of the day

These hernias almost always need surgical intervention

The operation is very safe and done as a Day case under a short general anaesthesia.
Again we do not operate unless the child is 3 years or older, unless it is an acute emergency (which is extremely uncommon).


Usually present at birth

Parents are very concerned that every time the child strains or cries, a large swelling appears at the belly button.

The parents can be reassured that vast majority of these hernia resolve spontaneously, by the time the child is 2 years old.

This hernia very rarely causes any problem, so it is worth waiting for that period, although it is very distressing for parents to see this big swelling in the belly button. The parents need reassurance, but it is sensible to let a surgeon with special interest in children’s surgery see the child at least once, so that you have someone you can contact if there is any concern.

If necessary, it can be sorted by a short operation under general anaesthesia in day surgery.